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The prestigious ISO 9001: 2015 certification

Residence Delfino receives the prestigious ISO 9001: 2015 international certification

We have been operating successfully for over forty years in the tourism sector in Vieste and this year we felt the need to 'certify' our experience and the way we offer tourist accommodation ....

We have given ourselves something very precious that could attest to what we are and how we work in a 'scientific' way and that goes far beyond the regional classification or the reviews of guests (who transmit their experience while neglecting all the bureaucratic aspects related to the objective quality of services offered). To do this we measured ourselves with the strict set-up of the international 9001 certification and with the internationally recognized "best" standards. . The 9001 certification is in fact an internationally recognized quality management system, after having satisfied the requirements of the system.

By adopting the strict international protocol, absolutely one of the most credible and solid on the quality certification market, we have standardized and certified the approach to the customer, the reception phase, the data collection system for customer satisfaction, the monitoring of suppliers, maintenance activities, cleaning planning, workplace analysis, non-compliance removal procedures.

This allows us to adopt a management model that favors the efficiency of all work processes, and the phases that compose them

For us it was stimulating to go 'beyond', and today, we are, among the very few tourism entrepreneurs with relatively small facilities, where it is the 'human dimension' to prevail, that have successfully completed the difficult path of certification ISO 9001: 2015 for the quality of tourist reception services by one of the best certification bodies in the world : the Bureau Veritas

In fact, while in other sectors it is quite usual to resort to such tools to keep the processes under control, to increase company reputation and credibility, in tourism, especially with medium / small structures, it is very rare for an entrepreneur to enter the hard world of checks of a certifying body of good practices dropped in a context, unique and familiar, like Residence Delfino, which for the most part is characterized by the "human component", by its nature difficult to standardize!


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